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What They're Saying

"Tynisha, assured me that I was the 'master of my own fate' and she was there to listen, feel and allow me to come to terms on things that were both confusing and lacked direction. I was pleasantly surprised at the “aha moment” that her line of questioning got me to."

Nadina Jose

"Tynisha is always thoughtful in her probing, thought-provoking in her line of questioning and examination, and supportive. Speaking with her definitely helps me reflect and refocus, and through her gentle reminders of my progress, I feel more empowered and able to shed those things holding me back within myself. I really appreciate her style of coaching."

Phyllis Jackson

"Before coaching, I had no accountability, which made it easy to put things off for later. I can honestly say that I have improved in this area because of the coaching by Ms. Coleman. A fantastic coach has experience, professional expertise, and an incredibly intuitive nature. If you’re looking for a coach that provides a “safe space” for expression while cultivating your professional needs, then Ms. Tynisha Coleman is the coach for you."

Cynthia Sutton, DMD

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