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3 Ways to Grow Your Employees During When The Budget Is Tight

Organizations are becoming more frugal with the scary "r-word" looming over the economy. Budgets are tighter than before, but no matter the industry, the goals are just as audacious as they have always been. No one is out there saying they want to do less with less. They don't wish for lousy customer service, poorly made products, or poor student and employee experiences. At the low end, leaders and L&D professionals are left to maintain the status quo. They have to implement transformational programming with little support at the high end.

There are ways to meet your learning and development goals with a tight budget and even begin implementing transformational change in your organization despite the threat of recession.

  1. Leverage internal expertise - Most organizations have people with expertise in some area that can be used to help develop other people in the organization. Look beyond your typical learning and development team and engage people with expertise who can share their experience through coaching, mentoring, or even a short workshop. Brainstorm with people who have the expertise (and their supervisors) to see what's possible. Think creatively about partnering with these individuals to develop others in their organization.

  2. Curate meaningful paths in your learning management system - All courses are not equal on the LMS. We all know it. Say it out loud. If you already use a learning management system, review the relevant courses and select the best ones for employees. Curate a list or lists of meaningful courses engaging and achieving the outcomes you want to achieve. Create smaller cohorts to discuss what they've learned to cement the learning.

  3. Work with a boutique firm - When you need outside experts like coaches, consultants, trainers, and leadership development experts, working with small businesses is best. Unlike larger firms, we are agile and create rapid-response solutions in a tight economy. From a strategy day to restructure and relaunch a program to shorter lunch and learn style workshops or something unique, we can pivot to address your needs quickly.

There is a better time to coast. If you need a partner to co-create a leadership journey for your team, contact us.

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